Carcass Island, Falklands. New Year's Day 2018

Carcass Island is named after HMS Carcass which surveyed the island in 1766. The island, only 7 square miles in area, has been run by the McGill family as a sheep farm for over a century. There are three heritage listed buildings - a boathouse, a shed and a store.

Magellanic penguins burrow into the sand to make their nests. A two mile walk around the island took us to spectacular Dyke Beach, (you could imagine you were in the Seychelles !), passing Kelp and Upland geese and a magnicient Heron. There were also Caracaras close to the little settlement which included the houses and a number of cabins for holiday-lets.

At the end of this hike we were all treated to an amazing array of homemade cakes and cookies and tea/coffee made by the family who live there. Getting their supplies cannot be easy - it all arrives by boat from time to time ! No doubt Hurtigrouten help out.

As this was our last port of call, the crew put on a little show which was entertaining, after which we set sail for Punta Arenas, sadly.

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