Damoy Point. 26th December 2017

We had a delightful hike with plenty of penguins, seals and skuas in glorious sunshine to visit Damoy Hut, which is a designated Historic Site No. 84 under the Antarctic Treaty, maintained by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. The British Antarctic Survey used this location as a staging-post for people and freight travelling to research stations in the southern peninsular. These stations were often cut off by pack ice, which meant that ships carrying men and supplies could not reach them. The skiway on top of the glacier behind the station provided a connection by plane further South in early summer, when sea ice prevented direct access by sea.

If you look really closely, you will see a mother penguin bending down as a chick is breaking out of its shell. In the next photo, the chick is getting it's first look at the World, with broken egg just visible by mother's foot !

On the return, Nick was determined to find out if the sea at Metis was colder, by having a dip in the Antarctic - the water temperature was 0 degrees centigrade ! Towels were provided by the crew, together with a certificate as evidence.

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