Magellan Straits and the Garibaldi Fjord. 19th December 2017

In the middle of the Magellan Straits is the Garibaldi Fjord, where we had our first lesson in embarking in the rubber dinghies. There were 15 Zodiacs, each one holding 16 people, and as soon as the ship was at anchor, out would pop these dinghies like babies! We were divided into boat groups, and then called to the "tender pit" to be man-handled by the crew into the Zodiacs bobbing up and down in the ocean, sometimes more excitedly than others, depending on the seas! Getting us back on board the ship again was an incredible task. There were 6 crew helping each passenger either onto land or back on board the ship. The crew multi-task and it is the dinining room staff who also man the boats

We all managed to get out for a thrilling tour to see the glacier which is sadly receding. The weather was not the best, and it was quite a rough ride but exhilarating.

Every evening there was a lecture as well as a briefing for the following day's activity. We had a wonderful table for dinner at the stern of the ship in the window each evening, and so we had marvellous views of whales, dolphins, birds, penguins, sunsets and icebergs while we dined!

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