Half Moon Island. 23rd December 2017

The next 36 hours were spent at sea crossing the infamous Drake Passage, but the "Drake Shake" did not live up to its ferocious reputation, thankfully. During the crossing, we had to thoroughly vacuum all our kit in preparation for landing on Antarctica, for fear of introducing foreign seeds onto the virgin continent - all outer clothing, backpacks and camera bags. The rules for going to Antarctica are very strict, and after every excursion, our boots had to be rigorously scrubbed in a mini-car-wash.

We dropped anchor at Half Moon Island for our first landing, where we snow-shoed in the morning - a 3.6 km hike which was hard work. In the afternoon we walked to a 'chinstrap' penguin colony. The penguins are completely tame as they know no natural predators, and they just ignored us - they probably thought we were just a different species of penguin, as we walk like them on two feet !

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