Neko Harbour. 25th December 2017

Christmas Day

Scenic Neko Harbour is only 30 miles from the Weddell Sea on the other side of the Antarctic Peninsular. We began the day cruising amongst the castillated icebergs which were spectacular. The glacier is heavily crevassed and very active, creating impressive but dangerous waves when it calves.

The penguins here were gentoos and fascinating to watch. They build their nests from stones, and they would waddle off down to the beach to pick up one stone, waddle hundreds of feet back up to their rookery to place it on their nest, and then go back down the hill again for another one. Sometimes they would pinch a stone from another nest when no-one was looking !

Deep 'penguin highways' are worn into the snow by penguins waddling up and down to the beach. They always had right of way, and we had to keep a distance of 5 metres from them. Sometimes a penguin would come right up to us, and we then just had to stand still and wait for them to move on !

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Penguin Highway

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