New Island, Falklands. 30th December 2017

New Island was associated with whaling and was was host to the first Antarctic factory whaling ship in 1905. The New Island Conservation Trust is restoring a stoned hut built by a marooned American sealer. In the bay is a Canadian shipwrecked minesweeper. New Island is owned in two halves; however the respective families run their properties as nature reserves.

There were large colonies of albatross, Rockhopper penguins, (looking like Nigel Kennedy !), Gentoo penguins, sea lions, upland geese and striated cararacas. A five mile walk right across the island took us to a magnificient cove to watch penguins, seal and dolphins cavorting around in the sea.

New Year's Eve was celebrated in the evening on board with sparkling wine with the Captain and crew, and we enjoyed all sorts of festivities

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