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Our goal : 100% reimbursement of the price paid IN ADDITION TO compensation for thwarted dreams

Update Tuesday 13.11.2018



A well-known German journalist has published an article on a German Cruise-ship magazine about the Fram’s disastrous Westbound cruise to the North West Passage !

If you would like to read it in English, click HERE.

Für die deutsche Fassung, clicken HIER


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Update 4.11.2018

Meeting with Hurtigruten

Discussions are taking place with Hurtigruten’s lawyers about a meeting between Blocked By Ice and Hurtigruten’s senior management.  We have now been asked to provide dates.  So Watch this Space. If you have anything specific which you would like us to raise, then please let us know.

Hurtigruten has asked us not to publish the discussions publicly on this website, which we will respect.  Therefore, we will advise you all individually of the outcome by email as soon as the meeting has been held, which we envisage will be later in the month.  No decisions will be taken of course without consulting you first.

Our position has not changed :  Blocked by Ice still expects 100% reimbursement in addition to compensation.  There have been no new developments to give us reason NOT to believe that it is our legal entitlement.


We have had an 80% response to the Questionnaire which is very encouraging.  Thank you to everyone who has responded.  It means that we can now speak to Hurtigruten with considerable authority.


The number of formal complaints urtigruten grows daily.

So, once again, another word of warning :  If you have not sent a written complaint to Hurtigruten or your Travel Agent, it is likely that you may not be offered any compensation by Hurtigruten !  So write to them quickly before it is too late.

We have now been advised already of FIVE cases where passengers have instructed lawyers to pursue a claim against Hurtigruten.

The Legal Position

Our legal advisers are actively seeking legal Counsel’s (Barrister’s) opinion on the grounds that the saga with the Fram exceeds normal holiday contract disputes. As a consequence, we have been requested to provide a detailed Case Summary for this purpose.

If anyone wishes to have a copy of our detailed Case Summary, please get in touch.

We hope to have received Counsel’s opinion before our meeting with Hurtigruten.

Social Media

As a gesture of goodwill, we have confirmed to Hurtigruten that it is not our intention at this time to damage their reputation via Social Networking, and we recommend that everyone follows that advice.  We hope that we will achieve a fair settlement without recourse to a Social Networking campaign.  It does not need to be said that if we reach deadlock, then our position will change.

Insurance Legal Costs for Holiday Contract Disputes

As a result of the Questionnaire, we can now confirm that about 20% of our registered members have legal expenses insurance, which will produce a very large legal fund for a Group Action if it becomes necessary, something we sincerely hope will not be the case.

Latest Offers from Hurtigruten

Hurtigruten have made several different offers to passengers.  Initially, we were notified of several more offers internationally of 60% refund, but very soon, many of these offers were raised to 60% refund PLUS a 50% discount off various Hurtigruten cruises.

Even the higher offers mean that Hurtigruten are not contributing financially to our losses – 40% of the price we paid is represented by either travel agents’ commission or third party costs like flights and hotel costs.  Do not be fooled :  In many cases, these offers may not include your long distance flights to Montreal !

While we are not able to advise passengers, we are not recommending acceptance of any of these offers before we have received legal Counsel’s opinion.  Everybody must make their own decision, but we will support you to the best of our ability to make that decision when the time comes.  We continue to believe that we have a very strong case for 100% reimbursement in addition to compensation for lost dreams – remember, some people made great sacrifices for the journey of a lifetime, for which, as one French passenger so succinctly said, they were forced to “swallow a serpent” !


Thank you all for your contributions about communications with either Hurtigruten or your travel agent.  It is extremely helpful to enable us to present our arguments on your behalf.  We will of course respect your confidence.

We urge you not to act too soon.  The “Fat Lady” has not yet started to sing !

We will in due course be contacting you individually by private email to inform you further in confidence, because not everything can be said of course publicly.

We try to respond to your questions as soon as possible, but please understand that we are only a team of five.

This is a good opportunity to welcome Peter Taylor as the fifth member of the team, who is now sharing our email responses with Keith Hanson.


Patrick Cordingley, Nick Sherman, Gareth Johns, Keith Hanson and Peter Taylor.

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